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Why Does Serbia not Have Museums?

As a result of our cooperation, the match Red Star-Vojvodina of the last round of the autumn football championship, which took place on 7 December 2013, featured two banners: “Why Does Serbia Not Have Museums?” and “Open the National Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art".

Phantasms on Wheels 2010/2015

Elaborating on the theme of “automobility” through the history of the 20th century art, starting from radical artistic experiments from the early century that would later develop in the direction of most diverse artistic concepts connected to the automobile and its social significance, we come to the artistic micro world of “phantasms of wheels”...

Robot Invasion 2004/2010

On the series of sculptures “Robot Invasion” by Nikola Kolja Bozovic If we presume that in a couple of previous centuries of the pre- industrial and industrial era angels were the decorative elements that were most commonly used in all the fields of applied arts – from tapestries, needlepoint and intarsions, through tableware and decorative plastics on façades, to illustrations or, let’s say, fabric patterns, robots are their substitutes or equivalents in the mass culture of the postindustrial, information era. Angels being replaced by robots – this could be understood as a paradigmatic civilization turn in which robots are assuming the role of the angels of the new world order.

Great Leader 1999/2001

I vote for Kolya too!

Be Strong 2000/2004

build muscules while you sleep